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We Make Antiques!
We Make Antiques!

[Film] July 22, 12 PM

A whip smart, laugh out loud buddy comedy that gently satirizes the antiques trade, directed by Masaharu Take (100 Yen Love). Toshio (Kiichi Nakai), a smooth-talking antiques dealer with a keen eye but perpetual bad luck, finally strikes gold when he finds a tea bowl with a letter written by 16th century tea master Sen no Rikyu. Or at least he thinks he does. When it’s revealed that he was actually sold immaculate fakes made by a group of conmen led by disgraced potter Sasuke (Kuranosuke Sasaki), Toshio sees another opportunity and decides to go in with them to pull off an elaborate heist. Their plan: create a priceless Rikyu bowl and reap the massive rewards.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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