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Tremble All You Want
Tremble All You Want

[Film] July 28, 12 PM

Yoshika (Mayu Matsuoka) has had a crush on Ichimiya (Takumi Kitamura), whom she calls “Ichi” (One), since she was in middle school. Now a 24-year-old salarywoman, her all-consuming fixation has prevented her from even considering another candidate for boyfriend until an office colleague, whom she dubs “Ni” (Two), asks her out. As she sorts out her Ichi vs. Ni predicament through mile-a-minute monologues spoken to a cast of regular characters and aloud to herself, Yoshika gradually reveals the depths of her obsessions, which become increasingly troubling as her fantasy life and reality start to collapse into each other. Adapted from the novel by award-winning author Risa Wataya, director Akiko Ohku’s delightfully off-kilter romcom offers a refreshing twist on a familiar genre.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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