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Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water

[Film] July 28, 2:30 PM

Hard-working Yuria (Keiko Enoue) runs a small printing company. Despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to attract the attention of Kazunari (Masataka Kubota), a polite yet aloof client who is more interested in flirting with Mako (Miwako Kakei), Yuria’s ditzy younger sister and employee. Meanwhile, Kazunari has his hands full with Takuji (Hirofumi Arai), his rough-hewn brother who was recently released from prison and is crashing at his apartment. With perceptive insight, director Keisuke Yoshida (Himeanole, My Little Sweet Pea) highlights the comedic heights and dramatic lows of these impossibly mismatched but mutually dependent sibling pairs as they deal with familial duties, business dealings and matters of the heart. Featuring a stellar breakout performance by manzai comic Keiko Enoue.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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