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The Path to Enlightenment: Dai Ajari Ryojun Shionuma
The Path to Enlightenment: Dai Ajari Ryojun Shionuma

[Lecture] April 24, 6:30 PM

Dai Ajari Ryojun Shionuma
is one of the only people alive to have completed two of the most difficult ascetic practices in the Shugendo Buddhist tradition. The Omine Thousand Day Circumambulation Practice is a sacred journey to enlightenment. For one thousand days, Shionuma ascended 4,000 feet up to the summit of Japan's Mt. Omine, then back down again, traversing rocky terrain, battling the elements, and marching on despite injury or illness. After finishing this strenuous training, he went on to complete the Four Deprivations — nine days straight without food, water, sleep or even lying down. Shionuma, who earned the exalted title of Dai Ajari and went on to found Jigenji temple, joins us to share the life lessons he learned on his journey to awakening.

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