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The Legend of the Stardust Brothers
The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

[Film] July 27, 7:15 PM

When he was a 22-year-old film student, Macoto Tezka (son of pioneering manga artist Osamu Tezuka) decided to take on his first feature film by teaming up with musician Haruo Chikada and adapting his 1980 “imaginary soundtrack” concept album The Legend of the Stardust Brothers into a movie. The result is a campy Phantom of the Paradise-inspired send-up of ’80s Japanese pop culture and the corporate music industry filled with celebrity cameos, infectious musical performances and seemingly endless costume changes. A complete flop upon release, the film has since been plucked from obscurity and restored with a new Director’s Cut, making it ripe for rediscovery as a cult classic!

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