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Reigakusha: Gagaku & Bugaku
Reigakusha: Gagaku & Bugaku

[Concert] September 21, 2:30 PM
                                        7:30 PM

Known for its ethereal tones and timbres, gagaku has been the official music of the Japanese imperial court for over a millennium and has become synonymous with the luxurious court life of the Heian period (794—1185). Founded by Sukeyasu Shiba, a former member of the gagaku ensemble at the Imperial Household, the distinguished gagaku ensemble Reigakusha presents a full spectrum of the world's oldest surviving orchestral music for this rare U.S. appearance. Reigakusha will perform from the ancient ceremonial repertoire including a bugaku piece (music ensemble with accompanying dancers) as well as contemporary works by Toru Takemitsu and Shiba himself

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