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Radiance + Across the water
Radiance + Across the water

[Film] July 25, 8:45 PM

Misako Ozaki (Ayame Misaki, Born Bone Born) is enthusiastically learning the craft of creating audio descriptions at a company producing soundtracks for visually impaired cinemagoers. Collaborating with a group of consultants with limited eyesight, she struggles to balance accuracy with space for visual imagination, clashing with Masaya Nakamori (Masatoshi Nagase, Electric Dragon 80.000 V, Mystery Train), a celebrated photographer with deteriorating vision. Together they learn to open their senses to the world around them. Approaching her subject with characteristic sincerity and sensuality, Naomi Kawase (Sweet Bean, The Mourning Forest) harnesses playful metafilmic devices from documentary style to a film-within-a-film featuring Tatsuya Fuji and Misuzu Kanno. Lensed by photographer Arata Dodo and featuring a vibrant score by Ibrahim Maalouf.

Across the water
A misty body of water holds the moving human form, flesh, glass, and fabric placed in iridescent relation.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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