Outrage Coda

[Film] July 28, 5:15 PM

The third entry in the Outrage yakuza series finds Takeshi Kitano’s Otomo on South Korea’s idyllic Jeju island running enforcement for Chang (Tokio Kaneda) in regional organized crime. The heap of bodies Otomo left on mainland Japan created an opening for the Hanabishi clan to preside over an uneasy union of yakuza syndicates, led by ex-stock trader Nomura (Ren Osugi), now purging old school gangsterism for slick corporate corruption. Interrupting Otomo’s semi-retirement, Hanabishi-kai lieutenant Hanada (Pierre Taki) makes a stir at a Jeju resort, causing Otomo to seek Chang’s retribution and settle his own score. Kitano relishes knotting crime world bureaucracy into a ball of double-crosses with stylish momentum, displaying the absurdity of toxic masculinity and emptiness of violence.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018
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Sat, Jul 28
05:15 PM

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