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Manga for Beginners: Basics for Aspiring Artists
Manga for Beginners: Basics for Aspiring Artists

[Online Class 1] July 15, 4 PM
                          July 22, 4 PM
                          July 29, 4 PM
                          August 5, 4 PM
                          August 12, 4 PM
                          August 19, 4 PM

[Online Class 2] July 21, 4 PM
                          July 28, 4 PM
                          August 4, 4 PM
                          August 11, 4 PM
                          August 18, 4 PM
                          August 25, 4 PM

Learn to become a manga artist from home! With this summer series, manga enthusiasts can transform their imaginations into their very own manga. This six-session course for beginner artists will establish the basic drawing skills, character design and story development needed for manga design. Manga artist John Somoza will help students infuse their designs with their own unique style, and unlock their inner manga artists through personal attention.

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