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Last Winter, We Parted
Last Winter, We Parted

[Film] July 21, 5 PM

An ambitious, young freelance journalist (Takanori Iwata) takes on the closed case of a famous fine arts photographer (Takumi Saitoh) whose beautiful female subject died on set in a gruesome fire. As details of the artist’s eery fascinations with physical mortality emerge, the writer pitches the increasingly salacious story to a skeptical editor (Kazuki Kitamura) just as it takes a dangerous turn. Directed by Tomoyuki Takimoto (Brain Man), this exceptional mystery/thriller features a top-notch cast, skillfully employing noir genre conventions as alternating protagonists adopt the film’s investigation. With shades of Blow Up, thematic focus on visual control and manipulation causes the lurid narrative of erotic obsession to turn in on itself, even as the plot twists toward its conclusion.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018


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