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Functional & Alluring: Japanese Bamboo Art
Functional & Alluring: Japanese Bamboo Art

[Lecture] February 6, 6:30 PM

Resilient and sustainable, bamboo is a versatile crop found all over Japan. Used to create baskets, chairs and other everyday products, beppu take zaiku, or bamboo weaving, is a craft with deep traditional roots. Beppu City, in Oita Prefecture, is known not only for skill in the craft, but also for the superior variety of locally grown bamboo. The intricacies of this craft have evolved beyond practical goods into contemporary and traditional artwork. At this talk, master bamboo craftsman Kenichi Otani will demonstrate the precision and skill that goes into traditional bamboo crafting. He is joined by Yasuhiro Nagano, Mayor of Beppu City and Satoru Nakajima of Sestante Japan.

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