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Call Boy
Call Boy

[Film] July 24, 9:15 PM

A bored university student (Tori Matsuzaka) with a penchant for Greek philosophy moonlighting as a Shimokitazawa bartender is picked up by a mysterious woman (Sei Matobu) who invites him to join her male escort service, launching a journey of self-discovery through the sexual satisfaction of a range of wealthy middle-aged clients. With nods to American Gigolo’s critical vision of 80s flash, director and playwright Daisuke Miura (Love’s Whirlpool) unabashedly embraces awkward erotic excess to reveal social fault lines through the subculture of sex work. The film’s ceaseless parade of customers’ kinks eventually flattens the shock of explicit onscreen acts, taking the intimate lives of its characters out from under the neon to the bright light of day.

Part of JAPAN CUTS 2018

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