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Ashita no Ma-Joe: Rocky Macbeth
Ashita no Ma-Joe: Rocky Macbeth

[Theater] May 15, 7:30 PM
               May 16, 7:30 PM
               May 17, 8:30 PM
               May 18, 2:30 PM
               May 18, 8:30 PM

Yu Murai, founder of the Theater Company Kaimaku Pennant Race, cleverly retells Macbeth through the 1960s mega-hit manga Ashita no Joe, providing insight into how the tale of one young man's rise from delinquent to professional boxer parallels that of the Scottish king. Littered with reimaginings of famous scenes from both works, this production is sure to titillate Shakespeare and manga lovers alike. Murai uses the mythos surrounding the boxer Joe to create a nonsensical theatrical production that cheekily smashes together two worlds fraught with angst and ambition.

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