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[Session 4] Japan 1600 - 1900: April 22, 9 AM - 4 PM
[Session 4] Japan 1600 - 1900: April 22, 9 AM - 4 PM

[Educator Program] Individually priced session #4

Decline of the Tokugawa System and Integration into the Global  System: 1800-1882

The morning session will examine the decay of the Tokugawa system, including the bakufu system and shogun, and the debates that centered on the opening of Japan. Attention will be given to the landing of Townsend Harris in Shimoda, Japan; the Treaty of Amity and Commerce (or the “Harris Treaty of 1858”); the disputes of succession in Japan’s Imperial Line; and the move toward restoration.

Meiji Era Reforms and Transformation
In the afternoon session, participants will continue to explore the foundations of early Meiji government and the move toward a centralization of power. They will examine the Iwakura Mission, and the insights Japan sought to obtain from the US and UK in the areas of industry, politics, military and education. The session will review political inequalities and the rights of people, the making of the Meiji constitution and the (Imperial) Rescript on Education.

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