Education Workshops

[Session 2] Medieval Japan: Sunday, October 8, 9 AM - 4 PM

[Educator Program] Individually priced sessions - #2

Peace and Upheaval: The Ashikaga Shogunate

Feudal Institutions from 1337 to 1573—Examine the rise of Ashikaga Takauji’s rise to power and the Northern and Southern Courts; formation of village community and agricultural development; establishment of Buddhist thought and practices; emerging merchant class, trade guilds, and money economy. Instructor: Paul Drobie, Manhattan College.

Medieval Shintoism & Buddhism—Cultural diffusion of ideas and practices of Buddhism and Confucianism tied to China and Korea; Jodo sect of Buddhism for the samurai, commoners, and emperors; principles and connection of Zen. Instructor: Bernard Faure, Columbia University.


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Sun, Oct 8
09:00 AM