Walking in a Sake Wonderland: A Year at a Japanese Brewery

[Lecture] February 7, 6:30 PM

Timothy Sullivan
, one of the first certified Sake Samurai and the founder of, spent twelve months immersed with the sake making team at Hakkaisan Brewery, in the snow country of Niigata, Japan. During his stay, each season held a new wonder: walking over hot coals during the community’s hiwatari festival in fall, discovering the process of snow-aging sake in a yukimuro in winter, cherry blossom viewing in spring, and foraging for mountain vegetables in the summer. At this talk, Sullivan takes us on a journey through four seasons of the sake, food, and cultural wonders of a brewery town in Japan’s countryside and the lessons he brings back for his life in New York City.
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Wed, Feb 7
06:30 PM

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